Feeling good - You have earned it

During your well-deserved vacation, you can finally unwind, leave the everyday stress behind, and recharge your batteries. 

To help you with this is our wellness area with a variety of wellness offers. It is the perfect place for relaxation after long days in our skiing and hiking region! 

Opening times

  • Winter: daily 3:30 - 8:00 pm
  • Summer: upon request

Finnish sauna

Nowhere else can you work up such a sweat and be so relaxed than in our Finnish sauna. With temperatures between 80 and 100 °C, you can treat your body to a sports program that requires no kind of exertion. 

A sauna session allows for improved circulation, stimulates the immune system, provides a gentle body cleansing, and alleviates respiratory problems. The sauna can even be seen as a piece of culture that combines health and relaxation. 

Steam bath

The steam bath works almost like a classic sauna but with significantly reduced temperatures consisting of a maximum of 50 °C. In contrast to the Finnish sauna, the humidity is considerably higher so that droplets of water are visible in the air. 

The steam bath offers health benefits similar to those of the sauna - whichever method of working up a sweat you choose is entirely up to you and your preferences. 

Infrared cabin

The infrared cabin is a place of divine warmth that you can feel immediately. The infrared heater creates a pleasant, soothing feeling, which we refer to as deep warmth. Not only will a substantial amount of endorphins be released, but the cabin also offers numerous health benefits. 

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